TC的新电影Darrow and Darrow 2: In the Key of Murder,正确观影姿势如上图。Grape Soda太抢镜,简直有毒。

-I love grape soda! We have grape soda? I used to drink tons of grape soda as a youth. They used to call me grape soda kid!
-Never? You never tried a... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You’re gonna try a grape soda right now!
-Right now, try a grape soda.
-Try it, for me!
-That tastes nothing like grape.
-I know. it’s like no other flavor known to man. It’s excellent.
-Why do they call it grape?
-You gotta call it something. That’s the legalese.
-I kinda like it.
-I know it’s kind of amazing. It grows on you.